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Jeremy Hall


Jeremy Lee Hall passed on to his latest adventure at age 48 on May 7, 2020, from gastro-intestinal cancer. When he was diagnosed three years earlier, he was determined to choose to live. He wanted his focus to be on what he could do with whatever time he had left with his wife of 25 years, Heather, and his four children Taylor, Spencer, Allison, and Robyn. He loved hanging out on his deck working on his tan while licking ice cream, taking daily family walks while dragging along his dog Jasper, biking the trails, reading every detective series he could download to his phone, or scratching items off his bucket list, such as sky-diving or sea kayaking. He tried to make every day count, from seeing the beauty of the everyday moments to creating never-to-be-forgotten memories for everyone. He was never happier than when he was planning his latest creative endeavor, especially if it involved helping someone else.

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Jeremy was born in Great Lakes, Illinois on December 16, 1971, to James and Laurene Hall, who both preceded him in death. He has an older sister, Jonnalyhn, and a younger brother, Jason, and together they moved around the world with his dad’s military assignments before settling in Poulsbo, Washington. There is where his love of hiking, mountains, and all things involving water was fostered along with a love for nachos, tempura, and an ability to be a jack of all trades when it came to figuring out how to make things work.

Jeremy served a mission to Tampa, Florida, and returned just in time to be in the same apartment building as Heather. If that wasn’t enough to get them together, he was assigned to her FHE group, was her home teacher, and answered the ad Heather put in the newspaper asking him out. They were married for over 25 years and just enjoyed all the ups, bumps, and downs that those years brought together.

Jeremy has always been eager to create and to learn. In college, he would keep Heather awake late at night as he tried to figure out this new thing called the internet on an old computer in their bedroom. He graduated with a degree in teaching science for secondary education, and although he never taught in a school, he enjoyed teaching others about photography and computers for the rest of his life. He was always looking for the next challenge to take on: working for various companies doing web design, starting a company with friends, learning photography, starting a photography studio co-op, creating designs and web sites, and enjoying the world of commercial photography. He was always eager to talk about what he was working on and finishing projects usually involved the phrase, "and next I’m going to…"

Jeremy enjoyed helping others and being involved in the world around him. He was a member of the Honorary Colonels of Pleasant Grove, and throughout his life, he eagerly volunteered to be of assistance to others. He often said that the best part of these last three years was having time for all those things he always wanted to do but put off because he was too busy. That might have been being at the kitchen counter every day after school or helping a new friend with a project. He knew so many people in so many walks of life and was always ready to have a genuine conversation and relationship. His best relationships were with his family, and he was grateful for the time and reminder to make those relationships into what they are today.

Jeremy Hall Strava Screenshot after a 43.4 mile ride.

A committed biker

In 2016 when Jeremy began his fitness journey he became quite the avid cyclist. Even as the tumor grew he put mile after mile after mile into his pedals to show that he was indeed choosing to live. He wasn't going to take this cancer sitting down.

In May 2018 Jeremy and some friends rode the Alpine Loop in American Fork canyon just hours before he was going in to surgery to have the tumors removed. His good friend George Loch went along to document that journey. You can watch that video just below.

Over the next 4 years Jeremy logged hundreds and hundreds of miles on bike even as his final days were approaching. He was truly an inspiration.

Riding the Alpine Loop

A bench to serve

Unsurprising to anyone who knew him, Jeremy wanted to leave behind a gift of both thoughtful service and wise usefulness. He and his wife Heather have requested a bench to be made along his favorite trail, with bikers tools inside for anyone in need to access.

The Halls in their minivan on vacation

Memorial services

With current conditions we are going to wait a month before we gather as a group to mourn and celebrate Jeremy’s incredible and inspiring life together.

June 6, 2020
Murdoch Trail @ roughly 2200 North (map)

We love you Jeremy

Thank you for inspiring us, teaching us, and sharing laughs with us. We will miss your light here on earth so so much. Until we meet again, brother!

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  • Linda Crabtree

    Although I never personally met Jeremy I felt his love & friendship. He was an amazing person and truly an inspiration to me. I’m sadden to hear of his passing but know he is at peace, no longer suffering & riding the trails in Heaven. I send my most sincere condolences to his wife Heather, their beautiful children and family & friends. May God comfort you all during this difficult time. You are all in my thoughts & prayers. In Jeremy’s memory I’ve made a donation. #Ichoosetolive God Bless

  • Lisa Lonsdale

    I worked with Jeremy in the computer lab at BYU. What a nice guy! He will be missed!

  • Sylvia Rust

    Jeremy, we know you are riding fast across the sky in Heaven above! We all miss you, so much!!
    Fortunate to have met you many years ago.
    We mourn your passing.
    We will miss your insightful writings. Seeing your biking adventures and travels.

    Our prayers are for your loved ones for everything they need.
    God is with You. God is with those who love you.
    Always in our hearts.

    Very sorry, for your sorrow and loss, dear Heather.
    Our hearts wept. Our souls are filled with love and faith for Jeremy & his family.

    Love Always,

  • Wendy Bird

    The way you lived, the way you made a difference for others, the way you shared your talents and gifts with all around you- the way you showed up for life and the way you so generously shared the rawness of your journey will forever remain in all of our hearts.

    Thank you for choosing to live.

  • Gail Strand

    What a beautiful and touching story-I’m so sorry for your loss-I too lost a love one at age 42 that also biked from cancer-so as I read this it brought back those memories-I’m also a cancer survivor myself and this rapid disease is just too much these days-so we do cancer relays and we hope and pray for a cure so we don’t have to face this demon anymore-may there one day be a cure!!! Blessings and prayers for your family!!! And I too am a North Kitsap High School graduate from Poulsbo Wa.

  • John Karren

    “It is hard to to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.”

    Jeremy has a special place in our family.
    One of the most heartfelt treasures in our home is the centerpiece of our family picture.
    He has captured many photos for us throughout the years.
    He also has helped us many times with our business and of course our Day of Giving. Helping find a cure for cancer is always in the forefront of our minds and hearts.
    He kept living, while his treatments kept trying to knock him down.
    We have all followed Jeremy’s Journey. He had been there & done that. Then he made the T-shirt. He truly chose to live.
    There are so many reasons we will miss you.
    Til we meet again my friend.

  • Tina Mandeville

    Some people just shine a little brighter in this world and make life better for everyone around them. That was Jeremy. He was an extraordinary person in so many ways. He was a man of greatness, honor, and integrity. He did everything with such enormous heart. My life has certainly been richer because of him. He was a most loyal friend and one of the kindest I have ever known. I am so blessed to have lived in his light. He touched & inspired so many in his lifetime and my wish is that his always humble heart has truly come to realize just how many and just how much. Our hearts are in a million pieces now, but to those of us who love him, he left an incredible legacy. He looked that cancer right in the eye so bravely and courageously every single day. He was a fierce warrior who most often left us in awe! He led by example and never made any excuses no matter how tough it got. Pieces of us went with him and pieces of him will always remain a part of us. There was nothing more important to Jeremy than his family. Dearest Heather…Taylor, Spencer, Allison, & Robyn, he loved you all so very much! You were his reason, his everything. We share in your sadness and taste the salt of your tears. Rest assured that he held you in his arms and carried your love with him and when he arrived to our Heavenly Father, your images were imprinted on his joy filled soul. We pray for your peace, strength, comfort, and resolve in knowing that love is eternal and families are forever. Jeremy, you completed the biggest ride of your life and cut into every path. You did everything you could and then some. You chose to live and that you remarkably did until your last breathe. May you rest in deserving peace in a perfect Heaven where pain and sorrow are no more. It is there we will all meet again. Until then, you will be missed beyond words. Thanks for everything, J!


  • Jill Brimhall

    I ache for the loss that his family must feel – unimaginable! However, I am in awe at the way Jeremy finished his life. Doing everything, and doing it to perfection. Spending moments with his children, and wife that will always be remembered. He was such a talented photographer, taking pictures that are extra special now, I am sure. Biking like a pro! With all of that, I’m sure I haven’t even touched the surface of all he did.
    It is good to know, as we do, that he is in a better place. Happier than ever, and in no pain at all. Even though we know this whole life is but a blink in eternity, it must surely seem endless to those he left behind. I pray with all my heart for each of them. Be strong, until you can be with him again. Thank goodness we know, that you will indeed be with him again. He has time now to finish reaching perfection. Time to become all he knows he can and should become. And he will do it. Families are Forever.

  • Chantelle Steadman

    I had the privilege of working with Jeremy at EFamily Network. He was so gracious to welcome me into the office and was always the first to lighten the mood with a witty joke. He gave me sage advice on many occasions and is the reason I haven’t lost a single photo for over 10 years. He is also the reason I see the power behind a photograph and its ability to tell a story and provide an opportunity to relive life’s most precious moments. I will miss our conversations about the beauty of life, health and movement. I admired his fierce love for his family and his sweetheart, Heather. He had the utmost respect for her and would speak so fondly of her. He was truly one of the finest people I have ever met. RIP friend. ❤️

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Thank you to everyone involved in helping make this website and Jeremy's bench happen.